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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.
California crime scene cleanup telephone's remain open at all times. A professional crime scene cleanup practitioner answers question with not charge to calling party. Homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and other biohazard cleanup tasks sometimes require professional help. Find out how if Eddie Evans can help with your blood cleanup needs.

California crime scene cleanup work allows me to travel throughout California. More importantly, my crime scene cleanup company gave me a rare opportunity to help people. During some of their worse moments, ever, my services help them regain their some part of their lives. I've often been told that with the completion of biohazard cleanup work, victims' families feel more comfortable.

It's true that an incident with a traumatic blood loss unnerves people. Place such incidents in a home, and a deep anxiety grows. Already with a loved one lost, this other problem, a biological problem, causes anxiety. "How much will it cost," "When can you begin?", "Are you experienced?" and other important questions follow. I make my prompt and confirming reply. If I do not know something, I confirm that I do not know. "I will find out if this information exists," I reply.

Blood cleanup remains an ancient and modern task with one certain priority. Remove the source material. In ancient times, removing source material meant destroying endangering odors. In those times bloodborne pathogens were unknown. Alerting wild animals to the presence of an untimely death placed everyone at risk. Thorough cleaning required use of water, ash, and other substances. Cleaning today also requires water, cleaning solutions, time, patience, and thoroughness. With these ideas in mind, I reply "Yes," to most questions. I know about blood cleanup following violent crime scene and violent suicides. It happens that I also own California suicide cleanup. I'm intent on helping victims' families find me. I have more than a business reason for my wealth of biohazard clenaup related web sites.

Less Expensive Crime Scene Cleanup

I'm one of the less expensive California crime scene cleaners. "How so?".

My prices remain low because I work alone 90% of the time. My wife might help me 10% of the time. Sometimes I might have a friend help me carry heavy objects to my truck. I often include a partial move-out service as my way of saying, "Thank you." I do appreciate the business. Most important, I guarantee my work. This means that I have a guarantee to return as soon as possible. If something needs more work, then I need to return. It's my plege to all of my customers.

"Yes," I'm licensed (State Practitoner's List nuber 134), bonded, and insured.

"Yes," I'm experienced at blood cleanup for single after death cleanup tasks as well as mass murder cleanup. As a foot soldier my exposure to massivetraumatic blood loss helped train me for crime scene cleanup. Many victims of blunt trauma received my cleaning attention over the last ten years. In Los Angeles County crime scene cleanup history, I've cleaned one mass murder. Today's blood cleanup tasks I approach with humility and respect for the victims I clean after.

I seldom do insurance related blood cleanup for homicides, suicides, or unattended deaths. "Why," because in California, county employees have a monopoly.They have a monopoly over contacts with victims' families. They use this contact to exchange families for cash.

We call this "government cronyism" by coroner, county administration employees, sheriffs' deputies, and other county employees. See my Orange County consumer fraud page. I also have an Orange County fraud page.

County Employee Fraud

It begins when a coroner's employee makes first contact with a believed family. At this time such employees begin their scam. They refer grieving families to crime scene cleanup companies of their own choosing. Sometimes these employees own the crime scene cleanup company that they refer families for blood cleanup.

See Orange County consumer fraud and Orange County fraud web sites. My proof from 10 years of California crime scene cleanup experience and Internet experience prove my claims. Our county governments have employees profiting from their employment and contacts with families victimized by homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths. Visit Eddie Evans or crime scene cleanup for more details.


It's a rare day when I get to clean in Riverside County. Riverside, like Orange County, has a problem among its county employees. Some have taken to the crime scene cleanup business for their own profit.

California Education

Finding answers to California's crimes leads to many variables. Unemployment, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and education come to mind of most researchers. California once boasted one of the highest educated populations among our United States. We've now watched a downward trend in student outcomes. We've also wondered what's going on.

Before leading into a discussion on California education, unemployment as a cause for crime stands out. What we do learn is that the unemployed remain rather docile and not likely to commit crime because of their employment status. Likewise with drugs and alcohol. They to produce more than enough crime to consider their causation. In fact, alcohol alone accounts for many domestic homicides between men and women.

Mental illness remains a cause of crime because so many mentally ill people live on our streets. They do their share of adding to crime statistics with their frequent misdemeanors. After all, on the street people remain in the open and exposed to all sorts of mishaps.

Public education plays a large role in social control over our youthful residents. When schools close crime goes up. This fact makes common sense. What we do not pay so much attention to we need to make a priority. That is making education a priority rather than another deficit cutting point of interest.

There's much more to consider. That's the slow dumming down of California's students. So many studnets graduate from high school without knowing how to read or write. Why?

Let's ask the big question then. Why can't Johnny read? Johnny can't read because he's not expected to read. His parents don't expect him to read and his teacher have lost patience with Johnny. In short, Johnny becomes a mast of manipulation when it comes to carrying out his duty to learn reading skills.

What Johnny lacks are the necessary hours of concentration focused on worthwhile literature and technical writing. It's that simple. So rather than pass kids like Johnny on year after year, cause him to learn to read. Help him learn that reading serves us as an intrinsic value as weil as a learning and training skill.





Los Angeles has many problems. Chief among these we need to look to its serious public education problems. Testing became a big word in the Los Angeles Unified School District because students were not "achieving." Many second language students entered the system. This alone accounts for many of the poor test results. Other problems plague the district. Many native speakers of English barely grasp their native language and rarely show competence in reading English or writing English.

Los Angeles had much to do with the development of the California Achievement Test (CAT). This battery of tests seeks to measure knowledger of content and educational skills that are basic to learning. Some education scholars believe that without these basic learning skills there's little help for poor learners. The CAT focuses on the ability to understand the meaning of content materials. Problem solving and performance in reading, math, and language create the foundation for the CAT.

California also has a Test of Mental Maturity, and many Los Angeles students have shown problems with this test. It may be that the test fails the students, rather than the other way around. So we need to keep open minds in these matters.

A special group of tests used to score mental abilities is titled the California Short-Form Test of Mental Maturity. The tests have levele that are appropriate for grades Kindergarten to 16. Adults may also have some use for this test. The long form provides eight scores:

  1. Logic and reasoning,
  2. Spatial relationships,
  3. Numerical reasoning,
  4. Verbal concepts,
  5. Memory,
  6. Language total,
  7. Nonlanguage total,
  8. Total score.

This test produces a deviation I.Q. score. With a comparison to the Standford-Binet Tests, researchers claim that they can zero-in on student deficiency. What becomes of these deficiencies once found remains unknown. So far California has not done much about its many problems in Los Angeles County and education.

Then again, neither has California done much about its problem with county employees monopolizing the free market in crime scene cleanup.



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